Remos GX glass cockpit light sport aircraft

Show: India Aviation 2014 - Day 2

Remos Aircraft GmbH, the manufacturer of the next generation glass cockpit light sport aircraft, has appointed SRK Aviacom (I) Pvt Ltd as its dealer in India.

Capt. Sanjay, Executive Director of SRK Aviacom, said: “Trust, quality and reliability are the most important cornerstones of the REMOS company culture and I would like to convey this philosophy to our customers through personal and direct contact, and establish Remos’s brand in Asia”.

The Remos GX Aircraft accelerates rapidly and takes off in less than 300 feet-“Jet-Feeling guaranteed”. The climb power is more than 30 per cent higher than other light aircraft; the climb speed of 80 to 90 mph is reached within short time. The first REMOS SLS design was accepted by the DGCA and cleared and cleared by acquisition committee, Ministry of civil Aviation for banner towing.

Banner towing will be new in the Indian skies and a great platform for bill board and banner display. It is a new market in India and brands can be seen flying in the air.