Beechcraft aircraft for special missions

Show: India Aviation 2014 - Day 1

When government, military and commercial customers want airborne solutions for critical missions, they turn to Beechcraft which provides aircraft that are high on performance and flight characteristics required to address the unique challenges of special mission operations.

With unparalleled performance, versatility and low operating costs, Beechcraft products are preferred for pilot and crew coordination training, military liaison, priority transportation, air ambulance, surveillance, maritime patrol, cargo hauling, flight inspection, high-capacity/airline shuttles and numerous other time-dependent operations.

Aerial surveying: The Beechcraft King Air C90GTx, 250, and 350 are ideal for aerial surveying. From pipeline patrol to oil spill detection to disaster documentation to mapping and data collection, there’s an ideal aircraft for the mission.

Virtually every King Air model has been fitted for aerial survey, leveraging the aircraft’s large, pressurised cabin and fuel-efficient turboprop powerplants. Aerial survey sensors often include digital mapping products, LIDAR and multi-and hyper-spectral cameras.

Air ambulance: The Beechcraft King Air C90GTx, 250, and 350 provide speed, comfort and versatility are especially critical when there are lives at stake. King Air aircraft feature large, pressurised, environmentally controlled cabins and the high dash speeds and range required to expeditiously transport critical-care patients. Additionally, the King Air series is capable of operating from short, unimproved runways, providing additional flexibility during life-and-death situations in remote areas. Cabins may be fitted with dual medical sleds and cabinetry from all major equipment suppliers. Interior installations are either permanent (medical floor covering and easily cleaned sidewalls) or temporary (easy transition from air ambulance to VIP transport).

Beechcraft has built more air ambulances than any other manufacturer.

Flight inspection: A stable platform with outstanding range and excellent handling characteristics, the King Air series are the preferred flight inspection aircraft. And with 100+ aircraft delivered to flight inspection programmes worldwide, Beechcraft stands ready to provide the right aircraft for the customer - whether the mission requires the extended range of border-to-border flight calibration, the payload capacity for extensive onboard test equipment, or even the speed and comfort of a combined flight inspection/ executive transportation configuration.

Beechcraft also organises the installation of flight inspection mission equipment from any major manufacturer the customer requires to provide a customised solution.

Surveillance: The Beechcraft Baron / King Air C90GTx, 250, and 350 are the aircraft for surveillance. King Airs are ideal surveillance aircraft. Each model features a large, pressurised, environmentally controlled cabin, high dash speed and extensive endurance. The King Air 350ER offers even more endurance, performing overland surveillance with sufficient payload to operate a moving target indicator, synthetic aperture radar, EO/IR (FLIR), streaming video datalink, self-protection systems, and a wide variety of highperformance communications systems.

Imagery systems have been installed in virtually all models of the King Air. Today’s data link technology allows relatively simple transmission of realtime streaming video to fixed or vehicle-mounted ground receivers for timely dissemination to tactical units.

Training: Beechcraft Bonanza / Baron / King Air C90GTx, 250, and 350 have been delivered to governments, private and commercial schools, and airline training facilities worldwide. From ab initio, basic-instrument platforms to airline training programmes to advanced military jet training solutions, Beechcraft has an aircraft to offer. Beechcraft high performance piston, turboprop and turbofan aircraft help in training pilots, no matter what the mission is.

Multi-mission aircraft solutions: Beechcraft offers aircraft to transport important personnel and cargo - no matter where they fly. Operators prefer Beechcraft for their durability, performance, range, payload and low operating costs.

The King Air series has earned a reputation for mission readiness. The King Air can operate on short, unimproved runways and offers a large cargo door option. The King Air series offers flexible, reconfigurable interiors, making them equally adept at accommodating passengers, cargo, air ambulance or other missions.