ADACEL: Premier supplier of automated ATM systems and ATC training solutions

Show: India Aviation 2014 - Day 1

Adacel, a premier supplier of air traffic control simulation solutions, has appointed SRK Aviacom (I) Pvt Ltd as its dealer in India. As AAI’s (Airports Authority of India) supplier of 16 Non Radar Procedural ATC Simulators, Adacel is a world leader in ATC Simulation with customers such as FAA, or seven major ANSP in Europe and premier supplier of air traffic control simulation solutions, advance simulation and control systems for civil and defence.

Adacel operates in the global aerospace systems market including operational air traffic management, airport & air traffic control training & airborne vehicle systems. Adacel’s Aurora platform supports all air traffic domains including oceanic, en route, approach and tower. The unified training solution features a comprehensive set of ATC training tools including the ICE aviation English training device.

Captain Sanjay, Executive Director of SRK Aviacom, said: “Adacel provides the world’s finest ATC simulation tools that offer essential comprehensive training and development solutions. It confirms that Adacel continues to be the simulator of choice by air traffic controllers and we intend to develop and establish Adacel’s brand in Asia.”