Leading Indigenisation in Aerospace & Defence

Colonel H.S. Shankar, Chairman and Managing Director, Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd highlights their role in supporting ‘Make in India’ and their foray into the Space Sector

Show: Aero India 2021 - Day 3

SP's ShowNews (SP’s): What are the defence programmes that Alpha Design is looking at under the ‘AtmaNirbhar’ initiative?

Colonel H.S. Shankar (Shankar): Alpha Design is looking at series of “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” projects such as Software Defined Radios, Thermal Imager based Fire Control Systems for tanks, EW equipment, C3I systems, Upgradation of old generation Russian Origin Helicopters, Missile and Radar Systems, important parts like Rear Fuselage for India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Space Satellite, etc.

SP’s: What is the contribution of ADTL for indigenous Indian defence programmes?

Shankar: Out of turnover of about 500.00 crore, majority of projects are made under the banner of our R&D cum engineering. Hence even those equipment we make under Offset schemes are converted for different versions for various platforms by our own R&D.


SP’s: Kindly elaborate on structural work undertaken by ADTL for HAL or IAF?

Shankar: We have already delivered Rear Fuselage for LCA, Ailerons / Flapperons / Engine Mounts for Su-30, etc., as sub-contractor to HAL. For IAF we carry out upgradation of 90 No’s Mi-17 / 1V Russian Helicopter and upgrades of Pechora Radar and Missile Projects.

SP’s: Kindly provide an update on the contracts for provision of simulator training for IAF MiG-29 and Mi-17 fleets?

Shankar: We have been bestowed prestigious projects by IAF in establishing three Simulators at Adampur (For MiG-29 Upgrade), Bagdogra and Sarsawa (both for Mi-17 V5 Helicopters). We have been tasked to run these on BOM basis for 20 years. This is a unique initiative taken by IAF and we are ever grateful to IAF.


SP’s: Is this the first time that such work has been done in the private sector and what work has ADTL done with regards to simulators?

Shankar: Establishing and running three Simulators Centres together at AF bases for 20 years is the first for any Private Sector Industries though for C-130, M&M is doing the same. ADTL has added its Hardware and Software as also GIS, GIU and mapping software to the Simulators.

SP’s: Kindly provide an update on contract for Pechora upgrade for IAF?

Shankar: Pechora is a 30+ years old Radar Missile System for which IAF had lots of difficulties with respect to older Valve-based technology, obsolescence, nonavailability of Spares from Russia, old generation hardware/software, etc. All of these will be upgraded under ADTL’s project management and its own R&D, with Co-operation from ROE.


SP’s: How is work on Tadiran radio sets progressing at ADTL?

Shankar: ADTL is manufacturing more than 4900 CNR Radios as main offset partner to Elbit. Almost 75 per cent sets are manufactured in ADTL and supplied to Elbit. ADTL will also be supplying Spares, etc., for more than 25,000 + CNR sets which are in service on tanks.

SP’s: Please provide an update on ADTL’s partnership with ISRO?

Shankar: There is so much potential in the Space Sector. ISRO has been developing private industries as sub-contractor / vendors for past 30+ years. But now a new focus has been given to make Private Sector industries part of their programs and to manufacture not only modules / sub-assemblies but also complete systems. There are opportunities in satellites, ground receiving station, launchers and critical technologies – waiting for Private sector to tap it! ADTL has carried out Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) under ISRO’s guidance. ISRO’s Prestigious Satellites – 1.5 Ton IRNSS 1(i) Navigational Satellite and GSAT-30 which is a 3.5 Ton Communication Satellite – both of which are in Space looking satisfactory.