PPG Aerospace innovative cockpit windows for Falcon 5X jet

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PPG Industries’ aerospace transparencies group has designed uniquely shaped, lightweight glass windshields and side cockpit windows for the new Dassault Falcon 5X business jet that accentuate the cockpit’s aerodynamics and afford expansive visibility.

According to Mark Hood, PPG global market director for general aviation transparencies, PPG is under Contract With Dassault Aviation to provide production and spare windshields and side cockpit windows, which are the largest for a Falcon jet. “Dassault Aviation wanted curved glass transparencies having the lightest weight possible, and our unique bending and materials expertise enabled us to propose designs exceeding their expectations,” Hood said.

“We are proud we were selected and look forward to growing our relationship with Dassault Aviation.” Arthur C. Scott, PPG global market director for commercial transparencies, had been in Hood’s Current Role When PPG secured the business. Scott said, “This is the first Dassault airplane for which we will supply production cockpit windows, and we are pleased we will be able to join Dassault in creating a great new aircraft.”

The windshields and side cockpit windows are designed with three plies of Herculite II chemically strengthened glass to be strong and lightweight and resist impact by a 4-pound bird at 350 knots. The aircraft will not have windshield wipers, so the windshields and windows have Surface Sea coating to enhance water shedding for visibility. The heating system has been designed to meet challenging requirements including aesthetics and visibility. Hood said PPG has completed qualification testing for Safety of Flight and is ready to begin production to support the programme schedule as directed by Dassault. The windshields and windows will be made at PPG’s Huntsville, Alabama, plant.