Samtel leads the indigenisation wave in India

Show: Defexpo India 2012 - Day 1

Samtel Display Systems (SDS) - a key Indian player in high-technology products for avionics and military applications - has a strong presence at Defexpo 2012.

Puneet Kaura, Executive Director, Samtel Display Systems, said, “As highprofile big-ticket defence purchases turn the focus of the entire world towards India, the Indian defence industry gets ready to cater to the offset and technology transfer requirements as an outcome of these purchases. We are glad that Samtel is at a stage that it can offer a repertoire of state-of-the-art avionics displays and advanced systems to meet the customised requirements of the worldwide aerospace industry.”

At its stall LH.30, Samtel Display Systems is showcasing a wide range of military and cockpit displays and modern avionics systems; technical competence in defence and commercial avionics; and its international experience and the strength of its partnerships.

Rugged displays: To cater to the vast and growing requirement for indigenous rugged displays for land, naval and airborne requirements for our defence forces, Samtel is ready with its vast range of Rugged displays. RSD series of ruggedised AMLCD displays specifically crafted to cope with adverse and demanding environmental conditions at the same time maintaining extremely high levels of performance.

Following sizes of Rugged displays are being showcased: 20.1” Airborne and 20.1” ground/landbased applications, 19.0”, 17.0”, 15.0”, 10.4” with Bezel keys and 10.4” with touchscreen.

Multifunction displays and smart MFDs: With the productionisation of color MFDs for Su-30 MKI Block-III and Block-IV production aircraft at Samtel’s DGAQA qualified manufacturing facilities, the Samtel HAL JV has achieved the unique distinction of being the first public-private partnership in defence avionics space in India to have a primary cockpit display qualified and productionised for induction on a fighter aircraft. These MFDs were developed under the aegis of DARE programme, with qualification and flight testing done under aegis of HAL and CEMILAC, and IAF.

Samtel booth has these 5”x5” and 6”x6” MFDs on showcase, along with MFDs and next-generation large-size Smart MFDs for some future star platforms.

Multifunction Indicators: 3ATI & 4ATI: The 3ATI and 4ATI display unit features a high-resolution AMLCD and ARINC 429 and discrete interface. The unit is designed to replace existing electromechanical instruments, allowing a single part no. to display attitude, airspeed, and altitude. The 3ATI & 4ATI display unit consumes less power, is low in weight and high in reliability. The unit is designed for commercial or military installations and an NVIS compatible version is available. The 3ATI & 4ATI display unit is ideal for new build or retrofit applications.

EL (Electro luminescent displays), cockpit panel flood light (CPFL) and integrally lit cockpit panel (ILCP) provide the pilot the visibility of the various legends on cockpit instruments, LH & RH consoles in the cockpit while flying at night, while the ILCP helps the various legends and symbols on instrumentation and control panels on the cockpit consoles to be visible to the pilot with flying at night.

IRST and helmet mounted displays: The booth also features demo films on Samtel’s product range through its JV with Thales - Samtel Thales Avionics Ltd. The Indian helmet mounted sight and display for fighter aircraft is based on Thales' advanced and proven technologies; and is already flying on Indian Navy MiG-29K and qualified on M2000.

The Samtel-Thales JV aims to locally develop, customise, manufacture, sell and maintain indigenous helmet-mounted sight and display systems, infrared search and track (IRST), and modern avionics systems. A demo film on IRST showcases the capabilities of this passive long-range tracking and imaging device, which is used for automatic tracking and detection of multiple targets.