MoD to sign maintenance contract with Russian Helicopters

Show: Defexpo India - Day 3 By SP’s Correspondent
IAF’s Mi-17 helicopter

Rostec today announced that its subsidiary company Russian Helicopters is close to signing a long-term maintenance agreement with the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide after-sales service for entire Indian fleet of Mi-17 helicopters. This long-term maintenance agreement will be for the entire life-cycle of the fleet and marks a shift from the earlier approach provision of after-sales support.

According to the preliminary agreement, Russian Helicopters will provide repairs for the Mi-17 fleet and also supply spares throughout the entire lifecycle of the rotorcraft. Repairs of helicopters operated in India will be performed by enterprises that are part of Russian Helicopters. The current contract life-cycle is expected to be three to five years. A further extension, as well as expansion of helicopter models covered by the after-sales support system is part of the plan and is being considered.

“We are very excited to be coming to India to be part of Defexpo 2016. These are exciting times for India’s defence industry as Asia’s geopolitics increasingly takes shape around India. This has led to India’s defence services focus even more strongly on modernisation and expansion. Within that ambit we plan to sign a contract that will lay the foundation for a new era of aftersales collaboration between Russian Helicopters and India. This is now being discussed with the Indian Air Force, Navy and border patrol troops of India,” said Sergei Chemezov, CEO of Rostec State Corporation. “For us, it will be the first long-term service contract with India. Set prices and delivery dates for supplying equipment needed to repair our helicopters are among the advantages of this type of contract. It will boost Russian-made helicopters after-sales system to a new level.”

‘Manpads’ Verba debut in India

Rostec State Corporation also announced that it is showcasing Verba, the world’s most advanced man-portable air-defence missile systems (MANPADS) for the first time outside of Russia. This initiates the active promotion of Verba in the international markets. Verba has been designed and manufactured by KBM Scientific Production Concern, a part of JSC High Precision Weapons. Presently, Verba MANPADS is just entering into service with the Russian Army.

Rostec State Corporation holding company, United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, also presented a mobile fire control unit, designed for the operational control of the actions of forces armed with portable anti-aircraft missile systems, including Verba.